Pastor Jody Rogers

Jody Rogers was born on September 5, 1972 in Lamesa, TX.  His family immediately moved to the Dallas area and his father began pastoring a Pentecostal church.  Pastor Jody had several set backs with illness in his childhood that has led to the miracle ministry God has given him today.

Pastor Jody has traveled the world for over twenty years preaching the Gospel and the Lord has confirmed the word with some of the most outstanding miracles ever seen.  The gift that God has given him is very unique.  He is able to reveal the secrets of people’s hearts and diagnose disease as well as pray and see God heal them.

In January 2010, Pastor Jody took over the church his dad pastored and has had much success in this area as well.  People frequently fly into the Dallas area to attend Pastor Jody’s special monthly miracle services as well as attend the miracle services that he leads in different places throughout.

Pastor Jody’s goal and desire is to lead a people that are fearless, powerful, full of faith and that will reach and fulfill their destiny!  Pastor Jody does this through his crusades, church, and television outreach.